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SJP Facial Treatments

At SJP all of our Facials are focused on naturally improving the condition of the skin to provide outstanding instant and long-term results. Every Facial begins with a detailed skin analysis to assess your skins needs. Each treatment is tailored to your individual requirements and will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.


SJP Signature Facial (55 Mins) - £39


Unwind and take yourself off to the Mediterranean with this incredibly relaxing facial, suitable for all skin types, the SJP Signature Facial will turn your skin into liquid silk.


SJP Rebalancing Facial (55 Mins) - £39


Is your skin misbehaving and breaking out? This is no good when we want to achieve a flawless complexion. This amazing facial will restore total rebalance to your skin so you can take on anything!


SJP Deluxe Anti-Ageing Facial (1hr 10 Mins) - £49


Our best selling facial concentrates on all those key areas, using the latest products to help you get the results you want. This incredible anti-ageing facial will tighten and firm your skin leaving it feeling brighter and more youthful.

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